Active Living Committee

The Active Living Committee will assist in the future growth and development of the Inman community and the city as it relates to active living. Members of this committee include:

  • Bessie Fisher, Chair – Chamber Board member, Working for Inman, owner Community Promotions LLC
  • Tucker Hamrick – Chamber Board member, Assistant Principal Chapman High School
  • David Grayshock – President GIACC, President Gotcha Covered Boat & Marine
  • Doug Hurlbert – Veterinary Architect, runner who participates in run events
  • Mark Tebalt – runner who participates in run events
  • Summer Tebalt – runner who participates in run events
  • Freddy Ruehl – Inspired Mobile Connections

The Active Living Committee’s PLAN OF ACTION lists goals to:

  • Support or sponsor four (4) 5k events a year – each quarter to attract participants into the community and assist in promoting the Inman Trail, the Palmetto Trail, and the community as an active living community.
  • Trail Clean Up Days
  • T-shirts promoting Trail
  • Development of various trail loops and mapping of such loops.
  • Additional signage with mileage included
  • Kiosks for Trail information
  • Benches and trash cans along the trails
  • Landscaping of trails
  • Supporting School District 1’s active living projects

As plans develop and work begins, the Committee will seek volunteer help.

Inman Trail Map with Descriptions