The Active Living Committee will assist in the future growth and development of the Inman community and the city as it relates to active living. Members of this committee include:

The Active Living Committee’s PLAN OF ACTION lists goals to:

  • Support or sponsor four (4) 5k events a year – each quarter to attract participants into the community and assist in promoting the Inman Trail, the Palmetto Trail, and the community as an active living community.
  • Trail Clean Up Days
  • T-shirts promoting Trail
  • Development of various trail loops and mapping of such loops.
  • Additional signage with mileage included
  • Kiosks for Trail information
  • Benches and trash cans along the trails
  • Landscaping of trails
  • Supporting School District 1’s active living projects

As plans develop and work begins, the Committee will seek volunteer help.

Inman Trail Map with Descriptions