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The Greater Inman Area Chamber of Commerce invites you to join our organization and be a part of the community as it grows. We who live here, and do business here, have known for a long time that the Greater Inman area is a treasure continually in the making and we invite everyone to come and discover us. The benefits of becoming a Chamber of Commerce member include:

  • Business and community contacts
  • Website linking of your business to the Chamber site
  • Community and internet visibility
  • Interaction and support of local business owners and civic leadership
  • Pride in knowing that you are helping to grow a Greater Inman

When you become a member of the Greater Inman Area Chamber of Commerce, you receive perhaps, the best benefit of all: enhanced public perception. That is, as a member of the Chamber, you will be seen by your customers, and the public at large, as a business or organization that is interested and concerned enough to help grow this magnificent community called Inman into a new era of 21st century prosperity, culture, education, recreation and the American way of community life. People will see that you and your business care about this community and overall Greater Inman, SC.

What does the Chamber, and the community, get from your joining us? The Chamber gets your expertise, drive for successful enterprise, and concern for a better community. We get a fresh “set of eyes” and your unique perspective that will help us improve further the local business scene and to position Greater Inman to better capitalize on economic and social opportunities.

Thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to review this membership packet. You can also view to see what the world will discover when they visit the Chamber site.

Thank you for considering joining the Greater Inman Area Chamber of Commerce and we hope you make the decision to join us as we strive to move Inman forward.

David Grayshock