The 29349 Inman Times

Inman Times

The Board of the Greater Inman Area Chamber of Commerce thanks Community Promotion LLC for the new on-line THE 29349 INMAN TIMES.

The vision for this paper is to have a “homegrown” appeal. Currently, there aren’t many articles about Inman. The paper was launched the first of February with the goal of providing more relevant content to the paper as time progresses.

Are you or someone you know a writer? Do you have a blog in which you may have shared some stories or memories about Inman? Are you a local business who has a press release of an upcoming event to share? Does someone you know have an upcoming birthday? Do you know about the history of our town?

Residents and businesses of the 29349 area are encouraged to submit articles, poems, recipes, drawings, art, press releases and more to the paper. YOUR name, thoughts, photos, artistic projects and ideas could be “in print” through this on-line newspaper.

Please submit your writing or any relevant material to the growth and expansion of The 29349 Inman Times on-line to our email address at: Our staff will screen the material and if relevant, will place your words into the paper. The staff encourages positive articles for our readers.

Have you ever dreamed of being a reporter? Here’s your chance to be part of a community effort to bring news to The Greater Inman 29349 Area! Please share this news and the opportunity to contribute with a writer, a photographer, a reporter, or a friend. Let’s see what the residents of Inman have to offer!


Wendy McCarty
Reporter, Photographer